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Eurocel 734 GRA - Double-Sided Cloth Tape (fabric carrier) 25mm x 50m
Manufacturer : Eurocel

Double-sided cloth tape for temporary use, with differential adhesive.

It is specifically designed for fixing carpets during events such as fairs or exhibitions.

Very good adhesion on most substrates, it can be removed without leaving traces, even after weeks.

A high quality model with a fabric carrier that helps removing the tape after your event.

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Roll of 50m

7,22 €

Ajouter Enlever

Related Manufacturer References:
640-25 N, SORTE 640, EURO GRA 734

Box of 24 rolls of 50m

172,99 €

Ajouter Enlever

Related Manufacturer References:
640-25 N, SORTE 640, EURO GRA 734 BOX

Unique advantages

  • Double-sided cloth tape for temporary fastening
  • Can be cut by hand
  • With differential adhesive (2,3 ratio on steel)
  • Good adhesion on most surfaces
  • Can be removed without leaving traces of glue, even after weeks
  • Removable without breaking
  • Transparent tape with fabric carrier for higher strength
  • Each roll is individually wrapped
  • Professional Standard for the Events industry
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
How to use
The removable side of the tape is the outer (without liner): first apply the tape to the floor, then remove the liner and apply the carpet.
Please always test on any surface involved before use.
After application removal is usually suggested within 30 days.
  • Width 50mm
  • Length 50m
  • Thickness 0,295mm
  • Carrier Cotton cloth
  • Adhesive Rubber
  • Peel strength 3,08 N/cm / 7 N/cm

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